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Machinery Relocation and Heavy Haulage

We get it done. Safely.

L.Arthur is Melbourne’s most experienced provider of machinery relocation services.

Yes, we’ve been around, doing what we do best, for a long time. In fact, we have yet to come across anything we can’t move. We always look forward to a good challenge.

Our extensive experience covers a breadth of industries including engineering, automotive, printing, textile, medical, plastics, and brewing and electrical fields.

Machinery Handling and Transport

We have the ability to handle all types of machines from the smallest through to the largest.

We can operate in locations under what would otherwise be considered challenging circumstances. These include the need for minimal workplace disruption and in areas with space restrictions.

We always handle machinery gently.

Over Dimensional Container Transport and Handling

Our wharf precinct permits enable immediate movement of over dimensional containers and flat racks.

Machinery Storage

We provide dedicated storage space for machinery of any size and weight, in the condition that they need to be stored in.

Our Specialised Equipment

We have specialised equipment and cater to specific machinery relocation needs.

Other Services

In-Vehicle Telematics
77G Customs Depot
1.1 Biosecurity Depot
ISO 45001
OH&S Accreditation