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Biosecurity and Customs

We treat cargo to ensure it is clear to go

L.Arthur has the largest Machinery wash bay in Melbourne that accompanies a Class 1.1 permanently manned Biosecurity depot. The primary benefit is that cargo will be cleared to meet any demanding delivery schedule quickly and efficiently.

With our extensive suite of Biosecurity Services, we will ensure your shipment is released and available as quickly as possible.

Biosecurity Treatments

We provide a broad suite of Biosecurity Services and we can handle any type of cargo.

Goods that require multiple treatments can be treated on-site. We have the equipment and experience to safely handle all product type, be it complex industrial machinery, through to food product and standard consumer goods.

Our Expertise

Our experience ensures skilled handling of all cargo types such as LCL, palletised or hand unpacks, Machinery and complex unpacks and Standard and Over Dimensional containers.

We have been in the Biosecurity space for over 30 years, and we continue to lead the way in Australia’s defence against Biosecurity matter.

Biosecurity Treatments

We have an extensive suite of Biosecurity Services which includes Tailgate inspections (booking not required), unpack and Biosecurity inspect, fumigation and steam cleaning, as well as a 77G Customs Depot.

Other Services

In-Vehicle Telematics
77G Customs Depot
1.1 Biosecurity Depot
ISO 45001
OH&S Accreditation